With the current crisis in our banking sector, Cyprus remains an attractive jurisdiction for International Business Companies. In fact apart from the coming increase of the corporation tax rate to 12.5% there is no other main change in the tax laws and the current status of Cyprus International Business Companies. All previous advantages remain including:

  • Cyprus has one of the lower tax rate for companies in the European Union, calculated at 12.5% on the taxable profits
  • There is no withholding tax on dividends paid from Cyprus companies to non-residents
  • There is no tax on the sale of shares (unless the company which shares are being sold has immovable property in Cyprus)
  • Cyprus has signed treaties for the avoidance of double tax with many countries
  • EU VAT registration simplifies EU trading (triangular trade)
  • Profits of ship owning companies are not taxed and ship management companies pay reduced tax on their profits
  • Cyprus has very good relations with all countries and has also an excellent infrastructure in order to satisfy the needs of businessmen and others using Cyprus as their basis for business operations or living
  • Cyprus is between 3 continents, is a member of the European Union and is ideal for promoting international trade and financial cooperation

The above are a few of the advantages enjoyed by International Business Companies. For more information you may visit our web-site at www.bestservus.eu  and we shall be glad to hear from you.